As part of its fall preview, NBC today (May 13) released a trailer for Michael J. Fox's highly anticipated return to television. The 51-year-old actor, diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 1991, said in a recent interview that the beauty of the new sitcom - titled "The Michael J. Fox Show" is that it allows him to be himself. 

"I think it's really audacious to do a show about a guy living with a diagnosis of Parkinson's and not making a big deal of it. Not playing soft music underneath it, and slow-motion, and 'oh, it's so tragic' — but just a guy who is a dad with three kids living in New York and trying to get back to his old craft; and I think it's good. I'm really excited about it."

Interestingly, while the show's title features Fox's name, he doesn't actually play himself - but a news anchor named Mike Henry. The series opens with Henry, retired due to his Parkinson's disease, deciding to return to work as a news anchor at the urging of his family. The whole thing is compelling because the series manages to not only make Parkinson's a part of the story - but also use it as a springboard for some genuinely original humor. NBC thinks so highly of the concept that they've already ordered 22 episodes of the Will Gluck-created project. 

Have a look at this first trailer below. 

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'Michael J. Fox Show' preview puts Parkinson's disease front and center
New semi-autobiographical comedy series on NBC features Fox playing a man dealing with family, career, and Parkinson's.