Another week, another Michael Vick controversy.

The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, who recently cancelled a much-hyped interview with Oprah, is being honored later this month by the Southeastern Virginia Arts Association (SEVAA) for eptomizing the word "hero."

Yes, they're actually serious. No, this isn't The Onion.

In a press release, the group says it chose the convicted dog fighter for the honor for his "resilience in overcoming obstacles" and becoming "a true example of life success for all to emulate." Vick grew up in Newport News, Va., and played football at Virginia Tech.

Speaking to, SEVAA president Michael Muhammad went so far as to compare Vick to a certain Holy figure. "People talk about Michael Vick as a convicted felon, well so was Jesus Christ, yet he was able to do things above and beyond the naysayers to the point that we all recognize him today as Lord and Savior."

Muhammad added that the NFL star should be lauded for his work across the country with the Humane Society of the United States, especially as it relates to helping children.

"Michael has gone [across] this country going to juvenille facilities, in and out of schools and youth groups, talking to young people not only about the detriments of dog fighting but also about keeping your life in order," he said.

Condemnation of the honor has been swift across the Web.

"Hero? Overcoming obstacles? More like got off easy and got way better than he deserved after horrifically torturing and killing animals with his bare hands!" wrote one commenter on "Is this group really holding him up as a bright and shining example for their children and the rest of their community? That’s a sad commentary on all fronts!"

"This speaks more about the culture that worships this dog-torturing slime than anything could," wrote another.

No word yet on whether Vick intends to appear at the March 26 event. For more information — or to make you voice heard on the honor — visit their official website here.

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Michael Vick to be honored as hero
Virginia group praises convicted dog fighter for overcoming obstacles and becoming "a true example of life success for all to emulate."