For six former members of Michael Vick's dogfighting operation, yesterday was a sweet reunion and a yet another milestone on a five-year journey of love and rehabilitation. 

The Best Friends Animal Society, which rescued 22 dogs from the disgraced NFL star's notorious "Bad Newz Kennels," says the public gathering offers hope that other dogs rescued from fighting rings might be given a chance at finding a loving home.

"We estimated between 150 and 200 people came to the event for the opportunity to see the dogs," Barbara Williamson, media relations manager for Best Friends told MNN. "We had a brief program when each of the six families got to talk a little about why they wanted to adopt and what it has meant to have one of these dogs in their home. They all emphasized how they feel they have become part of an extended family, supporting each other and sharing information.

"To see all of these dogs together and getting a chance to reconnect with dog caregivers at Best Friends Animal Society's sanctuary who poured their heart and souls into helping these dogs get ready to be adopted was very moving as well," she added.

So far, 10 of the dogs (nicknamed Vicktory Dogs) taken in by Best Friends have gone on to "forever homes." The remaining 12 continue to work through rehabilitation, with staff hopeful that all will eventually be adopted.

"They're making progress, and whether new homes are in their future soon or someday," said Dogtown manager at Best Friends Michelle Besmehn. "We're not giving up on them and will keep working until as many as possible are in homes." 

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McKenzie Garcia and Betsy Kidder with Little Red

McKenzie Garcia and Betsy Kidder, who were among the staff at Best Friends Animal Society who cared for the Vicktory Dogs, get a special moment with Little Red while her adopter Susan looks on.

Michelle Besmehn, co-manager of Best Friends Animal Society's Dogtown, and Cherry.

Michelle Besmehn, co-manager of Best Friends Animal Society's Dogtown, and Cherry.

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Michael Vick's former dogs celebrated at reunion
Six of the 22 dogs taken in by Best Friends Animal Society from Vick's notorious 'Bad Newz Kennels' gather at the animal sanctuary.