One of the rarely touched upon difficulties of living in a post-apocalyptic world is the food. Basically, after all the conveniences we take for granted are wiped away in a matter of weeks, the search for food becomes a giant pain in the ass. 


This is something "The Walking Dead" doesn't really address too much. Sure, there's hunting  - but nobody is ever really starving or wondering where their next meal is going to come from. Even on Herschel's Farm in season two, we don't see everyone working crops or raiding hardware stores for seeds. Perhaps the best example of starvation is in Cormac McCarthy's "The Road," where nearly ever chapter is about finding something of sustenance. By the time the father and son team does comes across a cache underground, the jubilation that they're finally eating is huge relief for the reader. 


So it's a rather intelligent and thoughtful move that Microsoft Studios decided to add a farming element to their new zombie videogame "State of Decay." As you'll see in the clip below, your character has the option to start their own "victory garden" safe behind compound walls; so as to avoid scavenging and risking the wrath of the undead.


Based on the preview, it looks like corn, onions, and pumpkins are just some of the vegetables you can use to survive in the new world. State of Decay will be released later this year for Xbox Live Arcade and the PC.  


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Microsoft's new zombie game features farming element
'State of Decay' will allow players to grow and manage crops to help feed the survivors of the zombie apocalypse.