Supermodel Miranda Kerr was all over the news last week following reports that she and husband Orlando Bloom had welcomed their first child, a boy, into the world.

Zero details are available, but eco-fashion and beauty site recently interviewed the 27-year-old and learned more about her green passions. After all, this is the same woman who not only started her own organic skincare company (KORA), but also posed naked chained to a tree for a "green issue" of Rolling Stone magazine

When asked about when she first became involved in environmentalism, Kerr told Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff, “I grew up in Gunnedah, a small country town in rural New South Wales Australia, where I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by nature and organically grown produce."

"This really taught me to be environmentally conscious. I think it is important if we all are aware of the small changes we can make on a daily basis like recycling, using energy-efficient light bulbs, eating and using organic products, taking shorter showers, etc.”

When asked what change she would most love to make, Kerr said, “Living in a solar-powered house with a veg patch out [in] the back.”

EcoStiletto is plugging this interview in four parts — so we're excited to see what else Kerr has to say on topics like parenting, beauty, activism and sins. To check out the full article, jump here.

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Miranda Kerr talks about growing up green
Supermodel tells how she came to respect the environment while living in a small country town in Australia.