By all accounts, it would seem the writers of the hit ABC comedy "Modern Family" have found some humorous inspiration for a future episode. 

Actors Julie Bowen, Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson found themselves in a made-for-TV moment last Friday evening (March 1) after the elevator they were using with 12 other people became stuck. The trio were on their way to a charity benefit for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City when the unfortunate incident happened. It took the Kansas City Fire Department about an hour to work their way down from the 40th floor of the Sheraton Hotel to the third floor where the elevator was jammed. During that time, the comedians naturally made light of the situation via social media. 

"I honestly handled being stuck in an elevator for 50min better than I thought," wrote Eric Stonestreet "All @jessetyler did was pass wind." 

"Finally made it out of the stuck elevator at the one hour mark," tweeted Jesse Tyler Ferguson. "At least the firemen in K.C. are cute."

Despite the delay, the actors were able to take the stage at the charity event — which had record attendance with more than 1,500 people. Check out a video on how the whole thing unfolded below. 

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'Modern Family' actors rescued from Kansas City elevator
3 cast members of the hit show became stuck with 12 others while attending a charity benefit for the Boys & Girls Clubs in Kansas City.