Moose milk is high in beneficial minerals. Sure, you can use those nuggets for whatever you want. (Photo: Kent Wang/Flickr)

Sometimes, humanity gets me down. But then I watch a video like the one below about a Maine woman who makes art from moose poop and I cheer right up.

Because when it comes to genuinely fresh ideas these days, there don't seem to be that many. But a clock made from cervid scat? A (very) real Poo Poo Platter? A poopsicle? Now that's a new one.

The idea is the brainchild of artist Mary Winchenbach, who finds the moose leavings in the woods around her house in Maine. So yes, this is a very local product.

Watch the video to see Winchenbach's creations — and stay for her wonderful Maine accent.

If you're interested in some of Winchenbach's fecal art, she recommends you check out her Tirdy Works Facebook page. "All my turds are right on there with the prices, and click on 'em. They can let me know what they need for turds. I ship shi* everywhere," she says.

But just so you know, the Poo Poo Clock is already sold out through the end of October — because that's the perfect gift when the world feels like it's going down the toilet.

A pile of moose poop on the forest floor. Is Mary Winchenbach the only person on the planet who has ever looked at moose crap and thought: 'I should make art out of this and sell it on the Internet?' Yes, I think so. (Photo: Jonathan A. Mauer/Shutterstock)

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Introducing moose turd art and the delightfully practical woman who creates it
Mary Winchen, the creator of Tirdy Works, speaks about her moose turd art with just the right combination of seriousness and puns.