After a successful effort in refuting some of the chemistry featured on AMC's series "Breaking Bad," the team over on Discovery's "Mythbusters" is now turning their attention to something a bit more gruesome

The network has announced that the hit show will take on AMC's "The Walking Dead" for a special edition timed to follow a few days after the undead drama's season four debut. Questions answered include "Are axes or guns more effective at dispatching the undead?” and “How do those shuffling corpses always seem to catch up to their living prey?” Adam Savage also turns undead to test if the "might of the living dead" can bust down Jamie Hyneman's door.

The hour-long special, premiering October 17th, will also feature guest appearances by "Walking Dead" executive producer Greg Nicotero and former castmember Michael Rooker.

Check out a video preview below. 

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Mythbusters to take on 'The Walking Dead'
Actor Michael Rooker, who played Merle Dixon on the hit series, will join hosts Adam and Jamie in tackling some zombie myths.