After months of build up and teasing descriptions, Naomie Harris finally revealed the winning design on the Oscars red carpet from this year's Red Carpet Green Dress campaign.

The beautiful yellow gown was created by Michael Badger - who drew inspiration from volcanoes and the appearance of flowing lava. With a little help from the legendary Vivienne Westwood and her Couture team, Badger's winning entry came to life using a variety of sustainable elements. 

"This is such an enormous opportunity," Badger told ELLE last month. "I'm thrilled to have the chance to dispel the idea that one must sacrifice glamour and fantasy in order to be eco-friendly, and the idea of working with the incredible icon of fashion design that is Vivienne Westwood is too much. The thought of a dress that once only existed in my head being worn at the Oscars is just mind-blowing."

In an effort to avoid harsh synthetic dyes, Badger cleverly used the seeds from chamomile and goldenrod to create the gown's yellow glow; as well as organic GOTS certified silk Crepe De Chine, recycled zippers, vintage glass beads, and even chocolate candy wrappers. All told, it took the design team over 120 hours to complete the project. Have a look below. 

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Naomie Harris dazzles in Oscars eco dress
'Skyfall' actress wore the winning design from the 4th Annual Red Carpet Green Dress campaign.