While Livia Firth and her Green Carpet Challenge posse like keep their participating Oscar celebs a secret until the last minute, Suzy Amis Cameron is a bit more revealing.

The 51-year-old wife of director James Cameron is the founder of the Red Carpet Green Dress Challenge - a sustainable fashion competition that allows designers from all over the world an opportunity to get their eco-friendly threads on the Oscars red carpet. Last year, "The Artist" star Missi Pyle wore a flowing blue gown made from organic silk and peace silk, hand-dyed with natural mineral pigments and lined with recycled polyester.

For the 2013 Academy Awards, Naomie Harris ("Skyfall," "Pirates of the Caribbean," "28 Days Later") will wear a winning design created by Michael Badger - a Ghana-born designer currently studying at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, GA. He submitted his entry, described as "inspired by a volcano and how lava flows," in a recycled sketchbook and on 100 percent hemp watercolor paper.

New to the contest this year, Badger brought his creation to life under the guidance of the Couture team at Vivienne Westwood.

"This is such an enormous opportunity," he told ELLE. "I'm thrilled to have the chance to dispel the idea that one must sacrifice glamour and fantasy in order to be eco-friendly, and the idea of working with the incredible icon of fashion design that is Vivienne Westwood is too much. The thought of a dress that once only existed in my head being worn at the Oscars is just mind-blowing."

According to a blog post by Amis Cameron, the dress will feature "dyes from plants known for their therapeutic properties, fabric which is an organic GOTS certified organic silk Crepe De Chine, and some unique and beautiful vintage and recycled elements."

“I’m thrilled to be representing Red Carpet Green Dress by wearing this beautiful design to the Oscars next month,” says Harris. “I look forward to meeting contest winner Michael Badger and working with Dame Vivienne Westwood and her couture team as part of this exciting project.”

Look for Harris and the winning Red Carpet Green Dress this Sunday, February 24 during the 85th Academy Awards.

Michael d'Estries ( @michaeldestries ) covers science, technology, art, and the beautiful, unusual corners of our incredible world.

Naomie Harris to bring eco fashion to Oscars
'Skyfall' actress will wear a sustainable gown designed by the Red Carpet Green Dress challenge winner.