When it came time to find an engagement ring for Natalie Portman, professional ballet dancer Benjamin Millepied chose something that would match the vegan and eco-friendly qualities that she lives her life by.

The platinum band is recycled metal, the antique diamond is a round, "old mine" cut, and the pave diamonds are certified conflict-free.

The piece was created by jewelry designer Jamie Wolf, a former dancer for the New York City Ballet, and longtime friend of Millipied’s. His custom pieces have appeared on celebs like Julia Roberts, Jessica Biel and Anne Hathaway.

“Ben was exceptionally thoughtful and dedicated and patient to make sure we had everything right,” Wolf said during an interview with InStyle. “We wanted everything about the ring to speak to things that are important to Natalie.”

“My career with the New York City Ballet definitely influenced the aesthetics of my designs; everything I love has a distinct femininity to it, a certain ease and grace,” Wolf told the magazine. “To quote one of my favorite ballet teachers, ‘No one wants to see how hard you are working.’ ”

Portman, 29, recently announced that she's expecting her first child with Millepied, 33. She's widely predicted to walk away with this year's best actress Oscar at the Academy Awards. The couple has yet to announce a formal wedding date.

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Natalie Portman's eco-friendly engagement ring
Actress' new bling is part of a growing trend in Hollywood for ethical and recycled jewelry.