If all goes according to plan over the next several months, the National Park Service might just find itself immortalized in the Lego universe.

The toy company has announced that it is placing under official review a set of three vignettes representing three of the more than 400 national parks scattered around the United States. Back in March of 2015, longtime National Park Service employee Gavin Gardner submitted the idea for the vignettes as a way to celebrate the organization's upcoming centennial.

Saguaro National Park LegoThe Saguaro National Park Lego set as designed by Gavin Gardner. (Photo: Gavin Gardner/LEGO)

"For the last 100 years, the United States National Park Service has preserved natural scenery and wildlife and have allowed generations of people to enjoy the country’s beautiful scenery and wildlife," Lego officials wrote in an update on the Lego Ideas submission site. "You’ve captured the spirit of the parks in these three vignettes. We appreciate that your project is focused, and shows distinct and diverse National Park settings, along with rangers and guests enjoying them."

The three sets show off the flora and fauna of the Everglades, Katmai and Saguaro national parks. Each comes with miniature park rangers and visitors, as well as the appropriate flora and fauna. According to Lego, the submission has qualified for the company's Third 2015 Review and will undergo several months of scrutiny. Should it receive a green light for development, it will then be up to Lego model designers to refine the sets, come up with the instructions, and prep the product for sale.

Katmai National Park LegoThe Katmai National Park Lego set as designed by Gavin Gardner. (Photo: Gavin Gardner/LEGO)

While the company says the entire process from start to store shelf can take many months, there's hope that the sets might be available in time for the National Park Service's official centennial on Aug. 25.

As for Gardner, he told Sierra Club last year that there's one massive set in particular he would love to see offered for sale.

“Can you imagine a room-sized Grand Canyon? It would be ridiculous!” he said. “The variations of the geologic layers, the river down below, all the little hikers — to capture that would be difficult but amazing.”

National Parks LegoAccording to Lego, the decision on whether or not to create the national parks-themed Lego sets could take several months. (Photo: Gavin Gardner/LEGO)

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National park-themed Legos one block closer to reality
Sets representing the Everglades, Katmai, and Saguaro National Parks have moved on to official review at the toy company.