Film legend Richard Attenborough died yesterday, prompting tributes from all around the globe for a career that spanned award-winning performances both in front of the camera and behind it.

The 90-year-old's passing also sparked a great deal of confusion — including from yours truly, who did a double-take upon hearing the news. Was it the actor/director or his equally famous younger brother, naturalist and legendary narrator Sir David Attenborough who died? I quickly figured it out, but many on social media did not; posting tributes to the man "with the soft and calming voice" in nature documentaries.

Richard Attenborough was best known to American audiences as John Hammond, the billionaire who brought dinosaurs back to life in "Jurassic Park," as well as the perfect Santa in 1994's "Miracle on 34th Street." His work behind the camera, however, was even more impressive, winning the Oscar for both Best Director and Best Picture for 1983's "Ghandi."

“Dickie Attenborough was passionate about everything in his life — family, friends, country and career,” long-time friend Steven Spielberg said in a written statement. “He made a gift to the world with his emotional epic Gandhi and he was the perfect ringmaster to bring the dinosaurs back to life as John Hammond in Jurassic Park. He was a dear friend and I am standing in an endless line of those who completely adored him.”

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Nature narrator David Attenborough mistakenly mourned by fans
Naturalist's brother, Richard Attenborough, passed away yesterday at age 90 — kicking off a slew of tributes and a whole lot of confusion.