This coming September, New York's Central Park will play host to legendary musical artists as part of an effort to raise awareness of global poverty and convince world leaders to reduce its impact. Called the "Global Festival," the event will feature Neil Young, Foo Fighters, the Black Keys, Band of Horses and K'naan playing to an audience of more than 60,000. 


"There’s a huge amount of time, energy and money that goes into an event like this, so we spent a lot of time thinking about whether a concert is really the best way to work towards our vision of a world without extreme poverty," writes Simon Moss, co-founder of The Global Poverty Project. "And, given the world that we’re in right now, we believe that the answer is yes."


Unlike other charity concerts that charge for access and then donate a portion of the ticket sales, the Globe Festival's Central Park venue requires that attendance be free via lottery. In order to get your name in the running, however, concert organizers have come up with a clever system to engage action. Want a shot at scoring a ticket? You first have to earn points online by "learning, sharing, and taking action against extreme poverty." 


"We wanted Global Festival to be about action, not money," GPP co-founder Hugh Evans told Rolling Stone. "By thinking different about how we distribute tickets, we're building a movement."


The timing of the concert, Sept. 29, is particularly important as it coincides with a meeting by the U.N. General Assembly to discuss solution to global poverty by 2015. 


"The Global Festival is that moment — a time for tens of thousands of global citizens to come together, having earned their tickets for the actions they’ve taken," Moss writes. "A platform for our diverse range of NGO partners to make new commitments to help in the fight against extreme poverty — hopefully hundreds of millions of dollars worth of them. And, we hope, a moment to focus the American public and media on their role in fighting extreme poverty."


Want to learn more or earn a shot at attending? Visit the official site here and register yourself as a "Global Citizen." There will be four lottery draws leading up to the September concert. 


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Neil Young, Foo Fighters headline charity concert to fight poverty
Global Festival will take place in Central Park to coincide with a United Nations meeting to discuss solutions to reduce worldwide poverty by 2015.