Do you love short stories and fiction podcasts, but realize that you're reading or hearing the same authors over and over? Or maybe you want to explore the world of short stories but aren't sure where to start when it comes to contemporary writers? Or maybe you're just always looking for more great fiction? Either way, there's a new app, Connu, which will give you access to up-and-coming writers this year. 

The app is free, so you can check it out and read the daily story, but to read archived stories, you need to become a subscriber (that's free too). My favorite part is that each story can be read on your phone or you can listen to it, so it turns into a podcast when you are on the go. 

According to the app's explanatory material: "We created Connu because we wanted a way to navigate the intimidating contemporary lit scene. As readers and writers ourselves, we felt disconnected from what's happening around the country. Who's writing the stuff that makes you think and feel differently? The stuff you can't wait to read when you have a spare minute, and that you think of as a gift, or written just for you?" 

Happy 2014 reading! 

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New app for discovering up-and-coming writers
If you love short stories, you'll love the Connu app.