With season four of AMC's "The Walking Dead" debuting this Sunday, viewers are once more preparing their nerves for what's likely to be yet another emotional roller coaster through the zombie apocalypse. Looking to capitalize again on the massive success the series has brought, the network is prepping a spinoff for 2015 that will further haunt our dreams with an entirely new cast and setting.

Speaking with IGN, series creator Robert Kirkman offered some small new details on what we can expect. 

"It’s a really different location with completely different people, so we are going to see an entirely different corner of the Walking Dead world," he says. "It definitely won’t be set in Georgia, I can at least say that. It’s important to us that this show exists on its own. The spinoff has to be a show worthy of existing, or else we’ve all sold out. So that’s something we’re all working hard towards doing, and I think we can pull it off. I think that the ideal situation is, when you’re watching the spinoff, you’re like, “Wow, this is a really awesome show.” The whole other show doesn’t need to exist for this show to be cool and stand on its own."

In terms of crossovers between the two shows, Kirkman says it's much too early to offer any hints - but he does love the idea of starting over fresh. 

"It’s great to go back to page one and think about it. It’s going to be set in this world, but it is a new cast and a new setting, and it’s going to be very different. It’s just exciting to be able to start over again and try to do cool stuff."

As for the current series, early reviews of season four are trending favorably - with most critics noting an uptick in the amount of zombie gore and suspense. You can lock the doors, turn down the lights, and tune in this Sunday, October 13th at 9/8c. A preview of the first episode is below. 

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New details on 'The Walking Dead' spinoff
Creator Robert Kirkman rules out at least one setting for the new companion series.