If you missed the off-grid living casting call I wrote about last month, here's another opportunity to potentially transform your life for all the world to see. 

The creators behind the successful Discovery Channel reality series "Gold Rush" are looking for families interested in leaving the rat race behind and pursuing a lifestyle that's less hectic and more in touch with nature. 

"If you want more family time round the table and less in front of the TV; if you want your gadget-addicted children to learn a few more life skills; if you would rather spend more time making a home and less paying for one; or if you would just like to slow things down, then this could be the show for you," the casting call reads. 

Reading between the lines, this call appears to have similar elements to the earlier one. "We’re looking for individuals, couples, families or friends who are serious about forming a brand new civilization from, literally, the ground up," last month's posting said. "Cooking with wood, lighting with oil and doing everything by hand." 

Like that one, this latest reality series is also being produced for a "major cable network" (perhaps Discovery?) The ad continues: "We are offering a taste of life outside the rat race. No gadgets, no junk food, no social media taking over. Land, space, fresh air and plenty of challenges await those looking to try something new…"

Whether or not they're one and the same, the concept behind this new show certainly sounds appealing — in particular for anyone who has ever dreamt about living a self-sufficient life. 

Interested? Email your name, contact information, photos and details about why this interests you to: documentarycharacters@gmail.com

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New docu-series seeks family interested in simple living
Makers of the hit reality series 'Gold Rush' are casting for a family 'in need of a new challenge.'