If you've been waiting for spring to arrive before setting off on a new self-sustaining lifestyle, a major international television production company would love to speak with you. 

Casting flyers have recently been posted seeking people who are just beginning their journey "off the gird" as part of a new documentary series. 

"We’re looking for individuals, couples, families or friends who are serious about forming a brand new civilization from, literally, the ground up," the posting reads. "Cooking with wood, lighting with oil and doing everything by hand." 

According to Nick Rosen, author of “Off the Grid: Inside the Movement for More Space, Less Government, and True Independence in Modern America,” there are currently 750,000 Americans living off the grid without the benefit of public utilities. 

"There's a desire to step out of the rat race, and in America, that goes very deep in the national psyche," Rosen told CNN last year. "You know, the pioneering spirit and sturdy self-reliance -- these things which define the American character."

In an email conservation with one of the documentary producers, he made it clear that while the particulars of the series have yet to be defined, the most important thing is to capture a family or individual's transition to off-grid living from the very beginning. So if you've even been thinking about making the leap, they would certainly be open to hearing your story. 

Interested? Email your name, contact information, photos and details about why this interests you to OffGridCasting@gmail.com.

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New docu-series seeks people going 'off the grid'
Are you someone who has always dreamed about living a self-sustaining lifestyle? Would you like to share your adventure with the rest of the world?