If you watched "Who Killed the Electric Car?", the 2006 documentary about how electric cars were developed and then destroyed in the 1990s, you probably remember the General Motors guy who straight-up lied on camera. That guy was GM’s spokesman, Dave Barthmuss, who said that when the General Motors EV1s were taken back by the company from lessors who didn’t want to part with them, that the EV1s would not be crushed. The next scene of the film shows the vehicles getting crushed!

That was back in 2005. Cut to 2010. Last Saturday, Barthmuss ponied up $4,500 to be first in line watch the sequel, "The Revenge of the Electric Car"!

Barthmuss was the winning bidder for a private advance screening of "The Revenge of the Electric Car," the big live auction item featured at the pro electric-car nonprofit Plug-In America‘s fundraiser party on Saturday — held at the home of Chris Paine, director of "Revenge of" and "Who Killed?", no less. Amidst a few hundred EV fans — some of whom were featured battling GM in "Who Killed the Electric Car? — Barthmuss (below, with mic) took the podium after his winning bid to talk about General Motor’s second chance, both as an EV-maker, and as a company.

GM Spokesman Dave Barthmuss makes nice at Plug In America fundraiser

Luckily, Barthmuss was in a forgiving crowd. The name of the Paine's forthcoming sequel aside, the talk among the fundraiser attendees was about redemption, not revenge — and the cars featured on the party lot included the Chevrolet Volt — as well as the Nissan Leaf, E-Tracer, Ford Focus BEV, Coda and Tesla.

I know that not all green transportation advocates, many of whom advocate for thinking outside the car altogether, are in love with EVs — especially really fancy EVs like the Tesla that are unaffordable and impractical for most and create “The Story of Stuff”-type consumer excess. This is why many EV fans embrace the entry of more affordable options that make electric vehicles a viable option for the general public. The idea is that if you can’t get rid of your car altogether, at least seriously consider an all-electric one. And in fact, one Plug In America member got recognized for reuse, picking up a High Mile Award for driving his electric Toyota Rav4 for more than 200,000 miles!

Attendees also got to see the preview for "Revenge of the Electric Car" coming to theaters in spring 2011. The preview won’t be released online until closer to the debut of the film, but curious fans can get updates from the film at the "Revenge of the Electric Car" blog.

Do you think you’ll be getting an electric car?

Bottom photo: Siel

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General Motors spokesperson Dave Barthmuss wasn't portrayed favorably in 'Who Killed the Electric Car,' but he's paid $4,500 to be the first to see the sequel.