Another month, another celebrity immortalized in the name of a newly discovered species. This time, it's director James Cameron receiving the honor with Pristimantis jamescameroni - a tiny colorful frog from Venezuela found only at the summit of the Aprada-tepui

Writing for the European Journal of Taxonomy, scientist Dr Philippe Kok explains why he chose the celebrated filmmaker.

“The specific epithet is a noun in the genitive case, honoring the Canadian film director, producer, environmentalist and explorer Mr James F. Cameron in recognition of his efforts to alert the general public to environmental problems through pioneering high quality blockbuster movies and adventurous documentaries,” he writes.

“James Cameron also encourages people to go vegan – a diet excluding animal products, one of the effective ways to reduce human environmental impacts such as global climate change.”

News of the new frog species honoring Cameron's work comes on the heels of a trailer for the director's upcoming environmental documentary series "Years of Living Dangerously." Premiering on Showtime in April, the 8-part program focuses on the stories of people from around the world directly impacted by climate change. 

"Everybody thinks that this is about melting glaciers and polar bears," says Cameron in the trailer. "I think it's a big mistake. This is 100-percent a people story."

You can see a preview of the documentary series below.

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New frog species named after director James Cameron
Pristimantis jamescameroni celebrates the director's commitment to filmmaking, the environment, and a healthy vegan diet.