With every new glimpse of AMC's second season of "The Walking Dead", I'm one step closer to shedding summer and fully embracing the cooler months of fall. A show like this is just too much fun not to get excited over. It makes suffering through the terrible, terrible addiction that is HBO's "True Blood" that much more palatable. 

Unfortunately, the October 16th reunion with the survivors of the zombie apocalypse is still some time away. In between, AMC is dropping small bits of intel on what to expect, including four new brief trailers (in addition to that four-minute monster from a few weeks back.) 

Of course, all of this excitement is tempered under a banner of concern in light of series director and showrunner Frank Darabont being fired by AMC earlier this month. Apparently, Darabont's approach to making the show in the vein of a Hollywood feature-film didn't sit well with excutives looking for a more "television-esque" streamlined approach. 

"Frank fights for the show," an insider told The Hollywood Reporter. "He doesn't just do what the network wants him to do. … He's a filmmaker, and that's why the show was as good as it was." Sources insisted to the site that the show was on schedule and budget (despite the network slashing the per-episode funding by $650,000 over last year's numbers.) 

The new showrunner is executive producer Glen Mazzara, who recently took to the web to discuss a key plot point of season two. 

"Our approach to our group of survivors when they reach Hershel's farm is that they are a plague unto themselves," he says. "Nothing goes right for Hershel once Rick and his band show up. They make the zombie apocalypse look like kids in a candy story. What's interesting is that if this was a show solely about Hershel, Rick and his band would really be the antagonists. And that's been really surprising because every action that Rick and his band take is completely logical, but you'll certainly sympathize with Hershel."

As for the zombies, Mazzara says the key to making them scary is to always have them winning. "I feel that we have to make sure our characters are always in jeopardy. There is an issue with writing a TV show where you can't kill off a main character every week..."

For some peeks into season two of "The Walking Dead", check out these mini-trailers below. 

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New 'Walking Dead' Season 2 videos, plot details
Four small bites of AMC's hit zombie series crawl online. With every new glimpse of AMC's second season of "The Walking Dead", I'm one step closer to shedding s