With "Breaking Bad" now sadly wrapped up, we next turn our attention to the survivors of the on-going zombie apocalypse in AMC's "The Walking Dead." Season four, which kicks off October 13th, is promising big things - with more scares, more running, more romance, and yes, even some farming. Woo! 

"We are going to amp up the threat of the walkers, because they've started to seem like a manageable threat. They are not a manageable threat," executive producer Gale Ann Hurd said during "The Walking Dead" PaleyFest event. "But, it is the people who you think you can trust who betray you, that you have to fear. It is the monster inside you. We all have them. How do we keep them in check?"

In this latest (and likely final) 30-second trailer for the new season, we see that all is not well outside or within the prison stronghold that has served as an anchor for the survivors since the start of season three. Early reviews also indicate a new threat beyond the walkers - but nobody is saying if it's human, undead, or something else entirely. 

"The Walking Dead" returns to AMC on Sunday, October 13 at 9 p.m. ET.

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New 'Walking Dead' trailer is zombie-packed
Season four of AMC's hit undead drama finds the survivors outnumbered and on-the-run from the zombie apocalypse.