The celebrity-backed High Line project in New York City is getting ready to launch the construction of phase twi of its three phase, 1.5-mile  "park in the sky".

Officially opened in spring 2009, the High Line recycled an elevated derelict railway line running through the West Side neighborhoods of the Meatpacking District, West Chelsea and Clinton/Hell’s Kitchen. In place of tracks are now beautiful pathways, grassy areas, benches, water sculptures, and other natural additions.

While the first phase only covered from 14th Street to 20th Street, phase two will expand the park dramatically through 30th Street.

Features include more lawns, bleachers, entrances, elevators, see-through decks, and a new garden space called the Chelsea Thicket. There's also the "flyover", which rises above the High Line level, and into a shady canopy of sumac trees.

Excited? I sure am. This project is yet another beautiful example of repurposing old structures for the betterment of residents. Let's hope other cities follow New York's lead in recycling the past.

Via Fast Company

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New York's High Line expansion gets new green features
1.5 mile-long "park in the sky" to complete new addition by next spring.