After successfully crossing a 1,250-foot span of the Grand Canyon last night, a lifetime achievement for any daredevil, Nik Wallenda revealed to reporters that his dream stunt has yet to be realized. 

"My dream for my next stunt is to walk between two skyscrapers in New York City," he said. "I can imagine the millions of fans that will be there watching — and that is what really holds me up is my fans."

While television ratings for the live broadcast on the Discovery Channel have yet to be released, it's safe to say that Wallenda now has a few million more fans on social media. The network revealed that the feat, broadcast live in the U.S. and 223 countries, generated 40,000 Tweets per minute, 700,000 Tweets in total, and 1.5 million streams on

As someone who watched exclusively online, I can tell you that it was an experience leaps and bounds over television. For one, the network gave viewers the option to select not one, but five different camera angles from which to view the action — including the vertigo-inducing view from Wallenda's chest peering into the 1,500-foot drop of the canyon. That level of interactivity made the stunt even more "in your living room" than anything previous.

Nik Wallenda's view during the Grand Canyon tightrope walk

In an interview with MNN, Wallenda said he does not consider himself a daredevil due to his personal level of preparation.

"I think because of the association people have with the word daredevil as someone reckless and crazy in the stunts they do. I've trained for my walks all my life in order to develop the skill necessary to perform them. Each walk is engineered to the highest safety standards. I train for potential extreme conditions. Obviously there is still risk in what I do, no doubt, but I would call it a very calculated risk."

Check out the 34-year-old speaking on the "Today" show below about last night's stunt, the wind and his mood afterwards.

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