After successfully crossing a 1,250-foot span of the Grand Canyon last June, tightrope pro Nik Wallenda hinted that his next stunt would carry a more urban theme

"My dream for my next stunt is to walk between two skyscrapers in New York City," he said. "I can imagine the millions of fans that will be there watching — and that is what really holds me up is my fans."

In a reveal today of their upcoming programming slate for the 2014/2015 television season, the Discovery Channel has revealed that Wallenda will indeed cross a city's skyline - just not New York's. The 35-year-old will instead travel to Chicago to attempt an untethered tighrope walk in a live "Skyscraper" special - though it's as-yet unclear if the stunt will actually happen between two of the Windy City's actual skyscrapers. According to the AP, the permit process allowing Wallenda to risk his life has not yet been completed. 

"I've trained for my walks all my life in order to develop the skill necessary to perform them," Wallenda said in an interview with MNN last year. "Each walk is engineered to the highest safety standards. I train for potential extreme conditions. Obviously there is still risk in what I do, no doubt, but I would call it a very calculated risk."  

Wallenda's previous "Skywire" Grand Canyon stunt brought in more than 10 million viewers for the Discovery Channel. If all goes well, you can expect his Chicago attempt to take place later this fall.

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