You've likely never heard of the Trucker's Hitch, but Norwegian music group Ylvis is about to change that. 

The comedy duo, composed of brothers Bård and Vegard Ylvisåker, became an international sensation last year after their "What Does the Fox Say?" music video went viral online. Almost a half-billion views later, the duo is back with a new single that's just as ridiculous, but much more useful.

"We have been getting a lot of attention lately and with that comes great responsibility, so we felt like we needed to give something back to the world," the brothers said in a statement. "We created a video to show people how to tie the greatest knot of all. The Trucker's Hitch is not just a knot. It is truly one of the finest knots there is. It gives you the ability to create a pulley system without the aid of winches or other mechanical devices. The rope itself is all you need. It’s an amazing knot."

Indeed, the Trucker's Hitch is a treasured knot for securing large loads, tarpaulins, or anything else on a truck or trailer. Thanks to Ylvis's new video, websites offering how-tos on the difficult knot have been flooded with traffic. Knots, it appears, are having their shining moment online. Finally.

Check out the video below. 

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Norwegian music stars Ylvis teach you how to tie the world's greatest knot
From the guys who brought you 'What does the fox say?' comes this epic new video on the art of tying the Trucker's Hitch.