Did you know that September is National Classic Music month? What a great time of year to introduce your kids -- and yourself -- to some great classical music.

If you happen to be in New York City's Greely Square recently, you might have been treated by some amazing classical music that was played by Carnegie Hall musicians and conducted by random folks both young and old.

For the improv experience - aptly called 'Conduct Us,' a Carnegie Hall orchestra set up in the middle of New York City behind an empty podium with a sign that read, “Conduct Us.” And then they waited. From the website:

"My favorite part of the mission was waiting to see who would go first. It’s not so hard to step up there after you’ve seen someone else do it, but it took courage to be the first."

But in no time at all, random New Yorkers lined up to accept the challenge. The orchestra responded to the conductors, playing faster or slower, softer or louder in accordance with their conductor. The result? A memorable musical experience was had by all. Check it out in the video below:

'Conduct Us,' was a collaboration with Carnegie Hall and Ensemble ACJW.

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