While yesterday's severe weather certainly freaked out a large number of New York City's populace (including, hilariously, these two guys) things could be worse. At least, according to Hollywood's standards.

In 2008, a movie called "NYC: Tornado Terror" touched down on the SyFy Channel. It's plotline, which features a heartthrob fireman and sexy climatologist, centers on an "unexplained, local split in the atmosphere" over New York City that causes a series of "totally unpredictable and devastating tornadoes".

As one would expect, even the Statue of Liberty isn't spared the iconic movie cliche of having her torch-holding arm ripped off and flung towards a crowd. The solution to fighting all these crazy tornadoes? Rockets filled with dry ice.

Something tells me Mayor Michael Bloomberg is going to want to rent this one. Check out the trailer below.

via Ecorazzi

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'NYC: Tornado Terror'
No, not the severe weather that hit Gotham yesterday, but a 2008 movie that imagined the whole thing. Just bigger.