Starry Night button art

All images courtesy of Jane Perkins

British artist Jane Perkins uses a variety of colorful found objects to painstakingly craft unconventional mosaics of famous portraits and paintings. In the image above, we see her rendition of the iconic "Starry Night" masterpiece by Vincent Van Gogh.

The found objects Perkins uses for these pieces include buttons, beads, toys, shells, plastic cutlery, and many other odd items that many other people would just consider trash.

Although she wouldn't describe herself explicitly as an "eco-warrior," Perkins does acknowledge the ecological significance of giving a second life to the trash of another person. While she's out searching for new materials for her work, she is often "shocked by the ready availability of mountains of unwanted toys and other goods in our throw-away Western society."

Environmental concerns aside, Perkin says the primary aim of these imaginative collages is to make people smile or laugh, and just leave it at that.

"I want my work to be fun and accessible," Perkins explains. "There is no deep or hidden meaning. I like art with humor or an element of the unexpected."

If you're also a fan of this quirky, comical work, continue below for a selection of Perkin's work or check out her entire portfolio on her website.

Jubilee Queen

"Jubilee Queen"

Statue of Liberty made in China

"Statue of Liberty: Made in China"

Afghan Girl

"Afghan Girl"

Einstein button art

"Einstein 2"

Sunflowers by Van Gogh

"Sunflowers, after Van Gogh (VIII)"

Kiss Me Kate

"Kiss Me Kate"

Girl with a Pearl Earring button art

"Girl with a Pearl Earring, after Vermeer"

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Old Masters (and famous faces) reinterpreted with plastic
Buttons, beads, toys and shells are just a few of the items used to make these quirky collages by British artist Jane Perkins.