The man you wish your man could smell like is about to make his triumphant return, following a lapse during which I can only assume was due to his herding of krill towards their seasonal mating grounds while being strapped to a blind leatherback turtle named Chloe.

That's right — Isaiah Mustafa, aka the Old Spice Man, has announced a new round of hilarious commercials for Old Spice deodorant. The first of three new ads is reportedly set to appear on Feb. 7, the day after the Super Bowl, but one lucky "superfan" will get to debut the commercial on his or her own social network page or feed before then.

That fan will decide how and when the public sees the new ad for the Old Spice Fresh Collection. He/she will have social media gold in their mitts, depending on how they provide access to the clip.

Mustafa garnered the praise of animal advocates last year after he revealed that he had gone on a vegan cleanse. PETA was particularly impressed, tweeting:

“Dear @OldSpice guy, ur #vegan & like 2 get nekked — sounds like a PETA man 2 us! 1 more vid b4 u go 4 ur animal-loving fans?”
While the 36-year-old actor said that the diet was only temporary, he seems to be sticking with it — as of December. Now if only he could persuade Procter & Gamble to stop all animal testing on their products ... while also single-handedly solving the crisis in Egypt.

Check out his "return" announcement below:

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