The man behind the man you wish your man could look like recently let slip on Twitter that he has gone vegan.

Isaiah Mustafa, the actor who plays the hilarious Old Spice Man in commercials for the more than 70-year-old brand, revealed his eco-friendly diet while discussing dinner plans with a friend.

“Can u cook Vegan,” he tweeted last week, “On a diet … frustrating.”

Animal rights organizations were particularly pleased with Mustafa's decision to drop the meat and dairy, with PETA tweeting

“Dear @OldSpice guy, ur #vegan & like 2 get nekked — sounds like a PETA man 2 us! 1 more vid b4 u go 4 ur animal-loving fans?”

The 36-year-old actor is but the latest in a long line of buff men who have gone vegan while retaining their muscled physique. Earlier this year, former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson transitioned to the diet, saying that it made him "feel more powerful".

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