Olivia Munn is back in the buff, once again stripping down to promote a new anti-fur campaign for PETA. 


The 31-year-old "Daily Show" actress was shot by top celebrity photographer Emily Shur for a series of provocative ads urging people to consider animals before fashion. 


“When you think about even that little tiny trim of fur on your gloves or on your collar, that is still coming from an animal that had to endure so much pain just for you," she told The Hollywood Reporter. "There’s nothing good about pretending like you don’t know.”


In a PSA for PETA, Munn says, “Don’t buy real fur. Don’t buy a dog. Go rescue a dog. You can’t keep supporting people who are doing this to helpless animals. Stop.”


This isn't the first time Munn has shown some skin for PETA. In April 2010, she stripped down to protest the treatment of animals in circuses. 


"When you look at something like the circus, everyone's laughing and there's color and music and everything seems so great," she told PETA. "But when you go right behind that door and the elephants are in these crates all day long and then they're getting shocked and beat just so they can get up and dance around on a ball... it was just so sickening. I was brought to tears."


Check out the full ad and Munn's PSA video below. 


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