A photographer and an origami master meld their respective arts in this beautiful time-lapse project that's not only riveting to watch, but also gives viewers an intimate glimpse into the path of their relationship.

Michael and Heather SuttonThe project began in late 2011 as a way for photographer Michael Sutton to practice and develop his time-lapse skills. At the time, he was dating his now-wife Heather — a fellow photographer with a love of origami — so they decided it'd be a fun project to collaborate on together.

To ensure an interesting mix of settings throughout the length of the video, the couple (seen at right) set up time-lapse rigs when traveling in their spare time. These locations include their home base of New Hampshire, as well as farther flung locales such as New York, Louisiana, Nevada and Texas, among others.

What makes this video stand out from so many other time-lapses is that it's a refreshing take on the photographic technique. As gorgeous as they are, postcard-worthy time-lapse vistas can sometimes seem like a dime a dozen these days. (They seem to be everywhere!) The Suttons buck this trend with "Operation Origami," including creative interpersonal storytelling alongside the breathtaking landscapes.

"Since we started 'Operation Origami,' Heather and I have gotten married, bought our first home together, changed our jobs and had a son named Hudson," writes Sutton. "We climbed mountains and traveled thousands of miles to shoot these scenes. There is a progression of seasons, spring, summer, fall and winter."

The film ends poignantly in their living room with Heather folding paper cranes for their Christmas tree — the result being a collection of sentimental ornaments that will serve as a symbol of their love and growing family for the rest of their lives.

Needless to say, it's a great documentation of the couple's journey over just three years. Want to keep up with the Michael and Heather? Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and be sure to check out their website, Frozen Prosperity.

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'Operation Origami' time-lapse follows couple's journey, one fold at a time
A photographer and an origami master meld their respective arts in this lovely time-lapse project.