Guess who's back on top?

According to The Giving Back Fund's 2010 list of the most generous celebrities, Oprah Winfrey is number one with more than $40 million in donations for 2009. Far behind at number two is romance novelist Nora Roberts ($4.45m), and Meryl Streep ($4m) at number three.

"There are many generous celebrities, but when you can top a list of celebrity philanthropists three out of four years, as Oprah has, that is saying something,” Marc Pollick, president of The Giving Back Fund, told People.

Last year, it was Paul Newman in the top spot, knocking out Oprah for the first time with a $20M bequeathment at the time of his death to a variety of charities focused on education, the environment, health, human services, and more. Brad and Angelina came in second with gifts of over $13M — while Oprah was somewhere around $2.4M.

According to its web site, The Giving Back Fund uses tax and media information along with conversations with celeb representatives for its list. It said that more than $79 million dollars were donated by celebrities for various causes in the nation for 2009.

As for next year, don't expect the 56-year-old to lose the crown anytime soon. Oprah has already donated some $7 million this year -- with $1M going to earthquake relief for Haiti and $6M to help fund public charter schools throughout the U.S.

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Oprah Winfrey named 'most charitable celebrity'
Media mogul donated $40 million to various charities in 2009.