I have Lily of the Valley all around my house. It's a beautiful perennial that smells wonderful, spreads nicely, and as I learned on "Breaking Bad," can be very dangerous to anyone who happens to consume any part of it. 

I won't give away just exactly how Lily of the Valley factors into the series, but it's safe to say that lots of people exclaimed "No way!" when they learned just how nasty the plants defense mechanisms are. Thanks to a diverse array of cardiac glycosides (close to 40 have been discovered in LotV), even small amounts ingested can cause abdominal pain, vomiting, and a reduced heart rate.

According to Mental Floss, those unfortunate enough to give Lily of the Valley a taste test can expect a hospital visit with treatments such as the ingestion of activated charcoal, breathing support, IV fluids, an electrocardiogram and potentially even a temporary pacemaker. 

All this aside, the plant is still basking in its 15 minutes of "Breaking Bad" fame - and now you too can own the very prop used on the series. No green thumb necessary. From the site:

This is the actual artificial plant, complete with pot and "Lily of the Valley" marker, that was used on the show. Breaking Bad fans will instantly recognize this important prop. And because it's artificial, it can't poison anyone.
Sony Pictures Entertainment has placed some of the most iconic props from the hit AMC series up for auction on Screenbid.com; including Walter White's Pontiac Aztec, that pink teddy bear from Season Two, Hazmat suits worn by the actors, and even Hector "Tio" Salamanca's famous wheelchair bell

The "Breaking Bad" auction is expected to bring in nearly $2M. Unlike the charity efforts spearheaded by stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul over the last few months, this one is strictly all about making as much money as possible for the benefit of Sony Pictures. It's a move we think the villainous Heisenberg would certainly agree with. 

Check out all of the items over on Screenbid.com here

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Own the poisonous Lily of the Valley from 'Breaking Bad'
Sony Pictures Entertainment places iconic props from the series up for auction online.