Colin Firth's "Best Actor" win last weekend at the 83 Academy Awards was the cherry on top of an impressive list of accolades for his portryal of King George VI in "The King's Speech".

It was the second year in a row the 50-year-old actor was nominated for the top prize; narrowly losing last year to Jeff Bridges.

Among those congratulating Firth on the Oscar win this week was Jeremy Hobbs, the director of Oxfam.

“We are delighted to see Colin’s talent and achievements being recognised and applauded by his peers in the film industry, as well as enjoyed by audiences across the globe," he said. "Colin may be a huge star and a busy actor, but he also finds the time to be an extremely hard-working ambassador for Oxfam. He’s a sincere and dedicated champion for poor people, who puts a lot of energy and passion into campaigning, fundraising and advocacy work.”

According to Ali Garfinkel over on Ecorazzi, Firth has actively lobbied for the Make Trade Fair campaign, Amnesty International, and Survival International, and has won various awards for his efforts, such as the European Voice Campaigner of the Year award, The Hollywood Reporter’s inaugural Philanthropist of the Year award, as well as the BAFTA Britannia Humanitarian Award.

Added Hobbs, "He plays a very active role supporting Oxfam’s work tackling poverty and injustice, immersing himself in the issues and getting involved in any activities he can. He genuinely is a real asset to the organization.”

On Twitter yesterday, Colin's wife Livia Firth announced that many of her sustainable gowns from this year's Green Carpet Challenge will benefit Oxfam through auction. Her Oscars and Golden Globes gowns will benefit the Natural Resources Defense Council.


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