UPDATE: Roger Federer beat Britain's Andy Murray on Sunday for his seventh Wimbledon title. Oxfam rep Andrew Barton praised the tennis star for his win, but added that "the real hero, though, must be Mr. Newlife, for his generous gift and his tremendous sporting acumen."


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Back in 2003, when 21-year-old Roger Federer won the Wimbledon tennis tournament, Nick Newlife of Oxfordshire, England, decided to place a $2,000 bet that he would do it six more times by 2019 — at odds of 66/1.


Unfortunately, with Federer on track to win the bet, Newlife passed away suddenly at age 59. In his will, however, he bequeathed the betting slip to the international charity Oxfam


With Federer today reaching his record eighth Wimbledon final by defeating defending champion Novak Djokovic, Oxfam is looking at a potential winning bet of more than $150,000. 


"Legacies amount to 12 percent of our total income from individuals, so they're essential to us, and as this case proves, they can come in all shapes and sizes," said Oxfam representative Andrew Barton. "We wish Roger Federer all the very best for Wimbledon."


A previous bet by Newlife, that Federer would win 14 grand slam titles by 2020 (he currently has 16), netted the charity nearly $26,000 in 2010. 


Federer will plays in the final against Andy Murray on Sunday. 


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Oxfam wins $150K bet if Roger Federer wins Wimbledon
Charity to potentially receive financial windfall thanks to a bet made 9 years ago by a now-deceased British man.