Some 50 dogs displaced by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico have new reason to hope thanks to efforts by Pamela Anderson, PETA and the SPCA.

The actress was in New Orleans on Monday to draw attention to the plight of animals affected by the tragedy and to encourage people to help or adopt.

"We just wanted to do something practical that I could do hands on and, you know, we've all heard what's happening with the shelters and how they are overrun with animals being surrendered," said Anderson, the honorary director of PETA. "People can't feed their families, they are losing their jobs or moving in with their families and maybe someone is allergic to pets — who knows what the circumstances are, but the shelters are full of animals that need help."

The actress paid for the animals' veterinary care and the spay and neuter procedures — and even adopted two of her own. "My son was hoping we could take all 50," she quipped.

The remaining lot will be taken to a Virginia adoption center, where PETA will assist in finding each animal a new home. "There are so many more pets than homes, but we think that by bringing attention to it, people are going to be inspired to help and adopt some," Anderson said.

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Pamela Anderson helps dogs hurt by oil spill
Actress works with PETA to rescue 50 dogs displaced due to disaster in the Gulf.