Pamela Anderson is throwing her fame behind a new charity — and she has Dame Vivienne Westwood to thank for the inspiration. 


The actress, best known for her role on "Baywatch" and her past support of PETA, recently announced that she would be publicly backing Cool Earth, a U.K. charity focused on preserving rain forest habitat and fighting deforestation. 


The 71-year-old Westwood, a legend in the fashion industry, last year donated $1.6 million to the group. “Governments ... are so slow that we can’t wait for them any more," she said. "We have to get this thing moving and hope that they’ll join in. I took as much as I could afford from my company.”


Anderson told the Times that she was excited to be a part of the initiative. "Vivienne has somehow adopted me (for the cause), it's fantastic. When Vivienne says something's important, I listen. When we have tea, I take a notepad. She really knows what she's talking about."


In a rare display of celebrity humility, Anderson added that she's not sure whether her participation will help or hurt the charity. "I don't know if people take me very seriously. Sometimes I wonder if I am making it worse, or making it better. Am I legitimizing these causes? Or the opposite? Who knows."


Cool Earth, which earlier this week celebrated its fifth birthday, has called its success at fighting deforestation "unparalleled."


"Forty-four indigenous community partners are keeping 250,000 acres of rain forest standing, which is shielding a further 2.5 million acres of forest," the charity reported.


You can find out more on how to help and get involved by jumping here


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Pamela Anderson joins rain forest charity
Actress says she was inspired to support the organization Cool Earth after speaking with Dame Vivienne Westwood.