After having little success with renting her five-bedroom Malibu home (an outcome likely due to the ridiculous $75,000/month asking price), Pamela Anderson has put her beloved eco-friendly property on the market for $7.75 million. 

Anderson, 45, purchased the home back in 2000 for $1.8 million, reportedly pouring millions in green renovations and additions to the 2,752-square-foot spread. Her decision to sell appears to stem from some current financial difficulties — with the Franchise Tax Board of California reporting that she owes $524,241 in unpaid taxes.

Pamela Anderson house

"I'm finally willing to share my masterpiece," Anderson said last year in the rental listing. "What I've co-created with a handful of green architects and designers/inspired by my favorite architect [John] Lautner — this is my humble stab at perfection ... it's a magical spot ..."

For those interested, the property includes such amenities as a private salt water pool, sauna, rooftop deck and a kitchen described as "a chef's dream." No word yet on if the "authentic Native American wigwam" originally included with the rental listing is still part of the deal. 

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Pamela Anderson lists eco-home for $7.75M
5-bedroom Malibu pad features private salt water pool, sauna, and rooftop deck.