Actress and animal advocate Pamela Anderson is getting ready to launch her own charity - and she's using one of the biggest events in the world of entertainment to spotlight it. 

The 46-year-old will officially unveil The Pamela Anderson Foundation this Friday (May 16th) during the Cannes Film Festival. Anderson's launch will take place on a yacht off the coast of Cannes playing host to close friend Dame Vivienne Westwood's Cool Earth charity. 

"I love Cannes! So lucky to be here with my family," she posted on Facebook. "And... Dream come true - to launch my namesake foundation (on the riviera)... Glamorous, meaningful.. The good life. To raise money to protect and support the vulnerable areas of the world and support those who are protecting and surviving, thriving - within them."

For decades now, Anderson has aligned herself with charities focused on both saving animals and helping humanity and the environment. The longtime vegan's animal advocacy is probably best-known thanks to a series of racy PETA ads, but she's also been on the frontlines of protesting the seal hunts in Canada to campaigning against KFC's treatment of chickens. Most recently. she ran the New York City Maraton in support of Sean Penn's Haitian relief charity; raising close to $80,000 in the process. 

In a post on her official foundation page, Anderson said the decision to form her own charity was the natural next step. 

"20 years of connecting resources--For charity- a natural extension - I have been Dedicated to Human, Animal and Environmental Rights..It is all Connected," she writes. "Will not be a part of the "bewildered herd" philosophy - Must be Outspoken and Brave. Question everything. Challenging communities- and Politics world wide--in a provocative way...Pamela Anderson Foundation For our planet and life within it."

Look for more details on Anderson's new charity after this weekend.

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Pamela Anderson to launch conservation foundation
Actress will officially kick off the new charity during the Cannes Film Festival.