With Patrick Dempsey's well-known commitment to "greening" the sport of professional racing, as well as support for renewable energy projects around the world, it's only fitting that the "Grey's Anatomy" star would have a home that follows in step. 

The 48-year-old recently gave Architectural Digest a tour of the 5000 square foot home he shares with his wife Jillian, and their three children - 12-year-old daughter Talula and 7-year-old twin boys named Darby and Sullivan. The unique tin house was designed by legendary architect Frank Gehry in 1968 and purchased by Dempsey in 2009. 

“I have found that natural metal roofs and siding such as zinc or tin offer advantages for sustainable solutions on several levels,” he said. “This roof and tin siding surfaces are an excellent choice for rainwater collection while also providing an opportunity to integrate concealed solar thermal collectors for water and space heating. Tin and zinc roofs and siding are highly durable and easily recyclable — reducing future impacts on landfills.”

Reflecting the family's love of animals and gardening, the Dempseys hired a landscape designer to convert a former riding arena into an expansive lot filled with raised beds of organic vegetables and flowers. Stables and coops were also built for the family's chickens, miniature donkeys, rabbits, goats, pigs, and a rescued African tortoise.

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Patrick Dempsey owns an eco-dreamy tin house
Architectural Digest visits the 'Grey's Anatomy' star and his family's sustainable abode in Malibu, California.