Patrick Dempsey may be entering his final season as the "McDreamy" Dr. Derek Shepherd on ABC's hit drama "Grey's Anatomy," but fans can continue to catch him as he zooms about the professional sports racing scene. 

The 45-year-old, who can also be seen in the third "Transformers" movie this summer, is an avid racer and the current co-owner of IndyCar Series teams Vision Racing and Dempsey Racing. In what's a plus on many levels, he recently announced that global solar panel manufacturer Trina Solar Limited is signing on as a sponsor and partnering to launch a new "solar charity" initiative. 

“It’s fantastic,” Dempsey said at a press conference. “I can’t thank them enough for signing on with Dempsey Racing, and Trina Solar is going to make a big impact in a lot of different communities of just trying to reach out and understand who is in need and who can benefit from solar energy.”

Under the agreement, Dempsey and his racing team will act as "solar ambassadors" on and off the race track. Details regarding how the solar charity will work are still thin, but the actor did highlight the tornado-devastated city of Joplin, Mo., as one example that stands to benefit. “The important thing is that we really have to make a difference in communities and show that solar power is working and getting to the right people,” he said.

Dempsey also has ideas for greening the sport of racing, saying that he intends to continue to help push his team to do more. “Certainly in the racing community I think there’s a lot that can be done to clean up the sport," he said. "I think it’s our responsibility to do that. I don’t think we can sit back and wait for the sanctioning body to make that happen. I think we have to lead by example. It’s something that we’ve talked a lot about at Dempsey Racing.”

Check out Dempsey speaking about the partnership at Intersolar Europe 2011 below. 

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