When it comes to animal activism, Paul McCartney has little love for McDonald's and its fast-food, meat-fueled empire.

The former Beatle became incensed when PETA revealed that a Liverpool McDonald's was using his picture on their walls — and demanded the images be taken down. McCartney is a long-time vegetarian and recently started a worldwide Meatless Mondays campaign.

"Paul's famous (for) saying, 'If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian,' " PETA President Ingrid Newkirk said to TODAYshow.com in an e-mail. "PETA alerted Paul to the photos of himself in the McDonald's restaurant, and he objected to the photos being put up in a place that sells the remains of slaughtered animals between two halves of a bun."

According to managers at the restaurant, the photographs were posted to "acknowledge the outstanding contribution the Beatles made to both local and global culture."

After 18-months of protest, however, McCartney finally won the war. Last week, managers at the restaurant took down the offending photos.

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Paul McCartney wins beef with McDonald's
Former Beatle and famous vegetarian demands that Liverpool restaurant remove photos of him from its walls.