Beginning in August, PBS will air "This American Land," a new original series that aims to profile "conservation from the front lines" on a variety of environmental issues impacting the United States.

"We want to attract a wide audience from people in all walks of life, said executive producer and CNN veteran Gary Strieker. "Our mission is to show our viewers that all of us share a common interest in protecting our natural heritage."

The series has actually been around since 2006, providing short interstitial segments for stations to use as fillers between program blocks. Some of those vignettes were rebranded under the popular "Assignment Earth" title — many of which can be seen right here on MNN.

The new series, however, will expand into seven, half-hour segments covering everything from dogs helping scientists save rare plants to robotic underwater gliders investigating mysterious "dead zones" off the Pacific Coast.

"We’re scripting stories, editing, and packaging the half-hour programs with content we feel our viewers will enjoy," said Strieker, who also founded the popular Environment News Trust. "Recently we’ve been focusing on music and graphics, developing an engaging “look” for the series to make it fast-paced and compelling viewing. As we keep reminding everyone, there is nothing quite like this series on television now, and we are blazing a new trail."

Check out a trailer for "This American Land" below. 

Michael d'Estries ( @michaeldestries ) covers science, technology, art, and the beautiful, unusual corners of our incredible world.

PBS launching green series, 'This American Land'
Weekly magazine-style show will cover serious issues that affect America's landscapes, waters and wildlife.