While best known for his PerezHilton.com celebrity gossip website, Mario Armando Lavandeira has been expanding his blogging empire with three other sites focused on fashion, health and animals.

That last theme recently earned him a PETA Proggy Award for Most Compassionate Blog.

"Through his blog on the site, Hilton has tackled a wide range of animal-related subjects," says a release. "From the ways in which animals are skinned alive for their fur, barbarically force-fed for foie gras, and abused in chemical tests to the many Hollywood celebrities who are spotted walking and playing with their dogs."

PETA also highlights the site's anti-fur stance, in addition to preaching that "good canine guardians keep their dogs inside as part of the family — not outside on a chain."

"Everyone in their own small ways can help make the lives of animals better — on a daily basis," Hilton told PETA during last year's Save the Seals photo shoot. "From something as simple as not buying makeup that's tested on animals to spaying and neutering … so that … we don't have tons of animals in the shelters and … not wearing fur."

Check out the acceptance speech by Teddy the dog below, voiced by Mario (who also sounds a lot like Pee Wee Herman). TeddyHilton.com is Hilton's animal-focused website.

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