For its latest online viral video campaign, showcasing a bluetooth headset, Samsung decided to take things out into the woods. The setting features a hunter attempting to kill a large deer — but finding himself foiled with every shot. At the end, we figure out why, thanks to a clever bald eagle and his (high-tech) friendship with the deer.

In recognition of this clever, animal-friendly advertisement, PETA recently honored Samsung with the GOODY Award, given to companies whose ads show respect for animals, feature positive depictions of animals, or raise important issues about animal welfare.

"Samsung's ad reflects society's evolved attitudes toward animals and shows that compassion is a far better marketing tool than cruelty," says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. "Hunting has no place in a modern society that is striving to protect animals and be kind."

It should also be noted that PETA also hands out BADDY awards for ads less-than-friendly to animals — so companies would be wise to follow Samsung's lead. Check out the ad below:

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PETA gives Samsung a GOODY Award
Animals rights organization honors electronics manufacturer for viral ad campaign featuring an eagle, a deer and a frustrated hunter.