The PETA PR machine is taking aim at Kanye West, specifically the lyrics off his single, "Theraflu." 


The 34-year-old released the new track on April 5, mentioning everyone from Anna Wintour to Kim Kardashian. He then drops the lyric: “Someone tell PETA my mink is draggin’ on the floor.”


Kanye has not been shy about his love for the fur industry. During the March fall/winter showing in Paris for his clothing label, models walked the runway in fur and exotic skins. He even introduced a vest made from Astrakhan — aka, the fur of an unborn lamb. Ugh.


So naturally, PETA is all too happy to respond to being goaded by someone like Kanye. Senior Vice President Dan Mathews had this to say about the rapper's lyrics:


"What’s draggin’ on the floor is Kanye’s reputation as a man with no empathy for animals or human beings. He’s a great musician but doesn’t seem to have the fashion sense to design anything more than caveman costumes. We keep hoping that one day he’ll find his heart and join evolved style icons — including Russell Simmons, Pink and Natalie Portman — who have dropped animal skins."


Kanye's jab at PETA comes as Kim Kardashian, who is reported to be dating the rapper, continues to rail on the organization for being flour bombed a few weeks back


"It’s just a little odd to me that their whole message is non-violence toward animals, yet they are being violent towards humans," she said on the "Today" show. "I don’t think that assaulting someone is appropriate at all."


The 31-year-old then went on to reveal that her DASH fashion stores no longer carry fur. 


"We cautiously do not carry fur in our DASH stores anymore; I don't carry real fur in our clothing lines ... my personal opinion and my personal choice, I believe everyone has the choice. And that's my personal opinion. I have vintage furs that were my great-grandmother's that mean the world to me ... I won't get rid of that memory of my great-grandparents. I think it's a personal choice. But I don't think it's OK to assault anybody."

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