Should scenes from the upcoming "Anchorman" sequel shot at San Diego's SeaWorld be cut from the film? According to PETA, the answer is an unequivocal yes — with the group imploring the film's producers to reconsider the inclusion of dolphins from the marine park.

“The constant deprivation that marine mammals face at SeaWorld is suited to a horror film, not a comedy,” said PETA’s Director of Captive Animal Law Enforcement Delcianna Winders. “The makers of 'Finding Dory' changed its ending after learning how cruel SeaWorld is, and PETA is calling on the creators of 'Anchorman' to do the same — and leave all SeaWorld scenes on the cutting-room floor, where they belong.”

PETA is riding a wave of awareness generated by the new documentary "Blackfish," which chronicles the plight of marine animals kept in captivity. The film has sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry — in particular Pixar Animation Studio, which changed the ending its upcoming "Finding Dory" sequel to something more animal-friendly.

“At the end of the [Pixar] movie, some marine mammals are sent to an aquatic park/rehab facility — a SeaWorld-type environment,” filmmaker Louie Psihoyos said of the meeting between Pixar execs and "Blackfish" director Gabriela Cowperthwaite. “After seeing ‘Blackfish,’ they retooled the film so that the sea creatures now have the choice to leave that marine park. They told Gabriela they didn’t want to look back on this film in 50 years and have it be their ‘Song of the South.'"

While Pixar has the benefit of time to make such changes ("Dory" doesn't open until November 2015), "Anchorman 2" hits theaters in only a few months on Dec. 20. Further complicating matters, the SeaWorld scene appears to be integral to the opening of the film, with Ron Burgundy taking on the role of a washed up, San Diego SeaWorld announcer.

You can see some of the SeaWorld dolphins featured in "Anchorman 2" in the trailer for the film below.

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