When Francois Dourlen sees an iconic movie, TV or cartoon characters, he often can't resist the urge to superimpose them into real-life situations. When he sees a moment that reminds him an iconic moment, the French photographer takes the pop culture images and plops them into the perfect photo. He doesn't create his art with Photoshop or any other digital imaging tricks; he just uses his iPhone, a little help from Google image search and a lot of creativity.

Francois Dourlen image of Danicel Radcliffe on a broom
Daniel Radcliffe re-imagined as a young Harry on a broom. (Photo: Francois Dourlen)

"It is really simple," Dourlen tells MNN. "I just see something that reminds me of a movie, an animated movie, a character… I search the image on Google and take the pictures."

Dourlen pulls up real-life images on his computer screen and then holds up the pop-culture shot on his phone screen, carefully lining up the two images. Then he shoots the new, mashed-up creation with his camera.

Francois Dourlen creates image with Thor and his hammer
Thor puts his hammer to practical use. (Photo: Francois Dourlen)

The first time he created an image this way, he did it as a lark.

"It was a joke for friends. They wanted an original picture for their baby's room," he says.

But as he continued to create the images and post them on social media, he developed quite a following on his Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages.

Francois Dourlen image of the Looney Tunes gang in a laundromat
The Looney Tunes crew hangs out in a laundromat. (Photo: Francois Dourlen)

Dourlen's work includes classic characters and more modern stars.

"I am inspired by pop culture — the things that everyone, me included, have seen and seen again," he says. "Sometimes I can be inspired by something else; you just have to ask me."

Francois Dourlen image of a washing machine and BB8
BB8 and a washing machine enjoy some choice similarities. (Photo: Francois Dourlen)

Early on, he used actual snapshots of images that he held up in front of the background photos on his computer.

"I started to do that kind of picture with Polaroids instead of the phone, but it was really expensive," he says. "So I use an iPhone (now) only."

Francois Dourlen image of Homer Simpson in a pink car
Homer Simpson finds his perfect car. (Photo: Francois Dourlen)

Dourlen estimates he's created about 600 images so far. He guesses they appeal to people for several reasons.

"Because I do that for fun, only for fun, so the pictures are funny too," he says. "And some pictures are more enjoyed because they can remind people good memories!"

Francois Dourlen imagines Justin Bieber as a baby
Dourlen imagines Justin Bieber as a baby. (Photo: Francois Dourlen)
Francois Dourlen image of Daffy Duck
Daffy Duck lends his head to a real-life swimmer. (Photo: Francois Dourlen)